Maharajas Express – An Insight Into the Chronicles of Khajuraho

India is a unique place for millions of reasons. One such reason is a temple site filled with ancient temples that are famous for erotic carvings. Khajuraho is an ancient site located in Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho group of monuments is a heritage site located near Jhansi. The site contains numerous Jain and Hindu temple. It was built between 950 AD and 1050 AD by different rulers. It is said that 85 temples were erected in this site and only a few stands today.

Out of the surviving temples, Kandariya Mahadeva temple is an important spot here. The temples were in use until the end of 12th century after which, most of temple were destroyed by invaders. Some of the temples that stand today have erotic sculptures and carvings, which are understood to be an expression of Indian culture.

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple

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The 22 temples that stand today are divided into three regions. The western group of temples are very famous among tourists and you can find guided tours here. This group consist of seven or eight temples. The eastern and southern group are covered by tourists, who are very interested in architecture or sightseeing. If you are visiting in February, you can witness the annual dance festival, which attracts performers from various parts of the country. The temple complex also host a light and sound show, every day. Two shows are conducted every evening and the first one is in English and the second one in Hindi. This show is conducted in the lawns of the complex. The show explains the history of the place with many interesting facts.

Top temples to visit in Khajuraho are Kandariya Mahadev temple, Lakshman temple, Devi Jagdamba temple, Vishwanath temple, Duladeo temple, Parsvanath temple, Adinath temple and others. This site is best for those who love sightseeing, photography and exploration. A little away from the temples, you can find Beni Sagar Dam, which is famous for picnic. There are a few interesting spots away from temples like museums, rivers, Ayurveda centers, forts and others.

Duladeo temple

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Are you a nature lover, you ought to visit Panna National Park which is a little away from Kahjuraho. You can spot tigers, wolf, hyena and others here. Boat rides and elephant safari are available here. 20 km away from Khajuraho, you can find a rocky waterfall, Raneh falls which is famous for sunset view.

Panna National Park

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There are no words to express the beauty of this majestic site. You ought to visit this site during your next visit to India. If desired, you can make Khajuraho as a part of your luxury train trip. Yes, Maharajas Express train has included Khajuraho as an important destination in one of its tour package. On the fifth day of Indian Panorama trip, tourists are taken to Khajuraho group of monuments for a guided trip to the western group of temples.

Maharaja Express

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Later, if desired, tourists can take up spa sessions in luxury hotels in Khajuraho. Are you ready for a luxury vacation in a heritage site?