The Beginner’s Guide to Maharajas Express Train

Everyone loves to have a pleasure luxury trip onboard the luxury trains in India – the Maharajas Express. If you are planning a holiday trip on the World’s Most Luxurious Trains we will help you with all the details you would like to know. In case this is the first time you are planning to travel on one of the World’s Leading Luxury Train, then here is all you need to know. Get prepared and geared up for your next luxury trip onboard one of India’s Best Luxury Trains.

Embarking the Journey:

All the Maharajas Express travel trips start either at the capital state Delhi or the busiest city, Mumbai. Getting here is not a problem as these are major metros in the country with well connected international and domestic flights, railway networks for trains. The fare for journey while arriving is not included in Train Package. There are some exception packages during peak season which may include travel. Refer the website for latest details.

Maharajas Express Luxury Train India

Maharajas Express Luxury Train India

Travel Insurance:

Passengers of the Maharajas Express Train are covered under umbrella cover for any forbidden eventuality and natural calamity like earthquake, fire, floods. International customers may check with their respective country for sufficient travel insurance.

Pre Journey / Post Journey Accommodation:

The fee for the pre / post journey accommodation for a day or two is not included in this journey fee.

Dos & Don’ts:

  • DO Carry and double check if you possess all necessary travel documents (If not, this may result in deportation sometimes).
  • DO wear cottons and light linen in summer.
  • DO carry woolen clothing and shawls for freezing nights.
  • The most common form is going in groups. So in case you are unable to keep timings in embarking / disembarking journeys, incapable of trip / excursion, etc. the management may refuse your participation.
  • DO NOT do things that get in the way of other passengers travel experience like delays, etc.
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Clothing for Wildlife Safaris:

  • DO wear natural colors matching with earth.
  • DO carry a good sun protection sunscreen, wide hats / caps, sportswear shoes or comfortable walking footwear.
  • DO NOT wear bright colors.

No Smoking:

By Law smoking in public areas in India is prohibited. So, DO NOT Smoke.


It is advisable to carry soft- top baggage as it fits anywhere. Carry baggage as per the international airlines rules.

Special Diets:

There are various people who have special dietary requirements. So DO remember to inform the management at the time of booking. The onboard management will ensure your dietary requirements.

Disabled Persons:

Presently people with special needs are recommended to travel with an able person.

Medical Conditions:

Those with medical needs or allergies are advised to carry their medication especially during safaris. DO inform the authorities during booking time for any special medical / dietary needs. In case of medical emergency there is an onboard Paramedic.

Off-Board Excursions:

This means there could be lengthy walks or steep steps to climb. People, who cannot climb / walk long distances, etc, must inform onboard management. Sometimes trains go for re- fueling or cooling. During this period if you would like to stay back onboard do inform same to the management.

Sometimes the train has to wait for a minimum number of travelers onboard. In case the number is not achieved, then you will be contacted and informed about the same. There is a time period before the journey starts when you are informed. Visit website

There are several other facts and details that get updated regularly. Do visit the official webpage to get the latest details, updates, changes in fees, terms and conditions etc.

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You can go through this to know what you would need to carry during the travel, things allowed, not allowed, etc. This way you do not let any confusion to get in the way of your most awaited pleasure trip.

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