Maharajas' Express Journeys

One of the world's most luxurious trains, Maharajas' Express offers 5 majestic Journeys through the enchanting Indian destinations. These luxurious journeys depart either from Mumbai or Delhi. Each of these journeys offers opportunity to explore the unique aspects of vibrant India.

These amazing journeys will help you to explore the lands of Maharajas, the captivating fortresses and splendid palaces. Learn about the stories of bravery and loyalty, while roaming around the private hunting plot of the maharajas of the past, which have been occupied by tigers (the kings of jungle).

Discover the charm of India by attending the evening Aarti (a ritual performed at the bathing ghats of Ganges), while witnessing the performance of the local artists at sundowner cocktails among the rolling sand dunes. Being on these Journeys, one can also experience royalty either by participating or playing the role of audience at an Elephant Polo Match.