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Lounge and Bar Cars

The socializing center of The train is the lounge and bar. There are two bar cars in the train namely, Rajah Club and Safari bar. The Safari bar is a themed bar. Both the bars provide international and home brand liquors of all kinds. There are wines, spirits and much more here. For those who want to enjoy some fruitful time with their friends, there are seating arrangements that can accommodate large number of people. For those who want to enjoy some 'me' time with the drinks, there are a few books and a large panoramic window for scenery. We have handpicked the books to provide a good reading time for all kinds of travelers. There are a few board games to make new friends on-board.

If you are planning to conduct a corporate meeting in the train, you can have an exclusive meeting area in the lounge car with wines at hands reach. You can also organize any personal events or festivals inside the train in the lounge car. Maharajas Express provides adequate and suitable seating arrangements for different types of events. The place is designed to provide a relaxing time as you listen to the track sound and enjoy the moving scenery. Both the bars are equipped with professional bartenders and exclusive collection of cocktails that suit any kind of occasion.