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Maharajas' Express Cabins

Maharajas' Express is a luxury train that has 14 guest carriages that are named after precious stones like diamond, pearl, blue sapphire, coral and others. The names are in local language of India. The cabins in this train are separated into four categories namely; the deluxe cabin, presidential suite, junior suite and suite.

The presidential cabin is the most luxurious cabin in this train. It spreads for a complete carriage. It has two bedrooms, one private dining room, private bathroom with many facilities like bath tub, living room and other amenities. It is called as Navratna which means nine gems.

The train can accommodate 88 guests at the same time. The decor and style of the cabin were inspired by the royal cabins that were used by kings to travel in the trains. Starting from the antiques to upholstery in the cabins; everything in the train is unmatched. You can find semi-precious stones used for decoration, linen tapestry, rich carpeting and others. There are panoramic windows for you to enjoy the view while the train glides towards the next destination. The cabins are spacious and have many and almost all modern amenities like direct dial telephone, bed of your choice, electronic safe, private bathroom, DVD player, LCD TV, private bathroom with exclusive toiletries and many others.

The train is filled with other services for you to enjoy your ride and also courteous staff members to serve. Let us learn about each type of cabin in detail.

Here are the main features of the Cabins.

Deluxe Cabins

Twin Cabin 12
Double Cabins 8
Total Cabins 20
Passenger Capacity 40

Junior Suite Cabins

Twin Cabin 12
Double Cabins 6
Total Cabins 18
Passenger Capacity 36

Suite Cabins

Twin Cabin -
Double Cabins 4
Total Cabins 4
Passenger Capacity 8

Presidential Suite Cabin

Twin Cabin -
Double Cabins -
Total Cabins 1
Passenger Capacity 4