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Maharajas Express Presidential Suite

Maharajas Express most luxurious cabin on-board is the one and only Presidential suite. The suite covers 448 square feet of cabin area. The presidential suite covers one car and it is named as the Navaratna. Navaratna is a term given for all nine precious gems of India. The Presidential suite has two bedrooms and washrooms. The residences of the presidential suite are allocated with a luxury car for off-train excursions.

The presidential suite is provided with two bedrooms, a living room, sofa, mini-bar, luggage hold, live television, internet, telephone, DVD player, writing table, wardrobe, air conditioning, complimentary mini-pantry and others. The in-suite bathroom includes basin, bathtub, shower cubicle, hair dryer, toiletries and others. The suite will be allocated with a separate butler who is available throughout the day. The train moves smoothly to allow residence to walk around and enjoy all amenities. All safety elements like CCTV camera, smoke detector and others are available on-board. There is a paramedic on-board throughout the trip for any medical emergencies.

The presidential suite is provided with all latest amenities and facilities for a luxurious vacation. The presidential suite is the best mimic of the royal carriages of ancient Indian cabins. An independent exclusive language-speaking guide is allocated for the residence of the presidential suite. The presidential suite of Maharajas Express is one-of-a-kind in the history of luxury trains in the world. Four people can be accommodated in the presidential suite. The suite provides first-class amenities and facilities throughout the tour with latest international features.

Presidential Suite ( Area : 448 Sq. Ft )

  • Twin Bedroom Room : 13'6" (L) x 7'-9"(W)
  • Bathroom : 7'9" (L) x 4'-10"(W), 8'0" (L) x 7'-9"(W)
  • Double Bedroom : 15'8" (L) x 7'-9"(W)
  • Sitting Room : 16'6" (L) x 7'-9"(W)
Room Category Total / Cabin/Suite Passenger Capacity
Presidential Suite (has a double and a twin room) 1 4
Total 1 4

There is only one presidential suite in the train and it accommodates four people. This is the grandest suite in the train and a separate carriage is allocated for this. The bathrooms have numerous amenities. The sitting room is spacious and filled with upholstery.

It is the most elegant suite in the train and here is the list of amenities present in a presidential suite.

  • Two bedrooms
  • One living room
  • Sofa, writing table and other upholstery
  • Mini bar
  • Luggage hold and electronic safe
  • Live television and LCD TV
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • Wardrobe
  • Cabin controlled air conditioner with remote control
  • Complimentary drinks and snacks
  • Bath tub, shower cubicle, basin, bathrobe, towel, slippers, linen and hair dryer
  • Range of toiletries
  • Butler service