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Maharajas' Express Train History

Before being the common manns carrier, Railways was the eye candy of royalty in India. It was something new, something grand, something associated with ultimate power. It was simply drooled over by the kings! And because the idea of having railways in India was brought in by Britishers- the paramount power, therefore the royal community viewed it as a luxury. In today's times, railways serve as the connection link for all without any distinctions but earlier it was not so.

Let us throw some light on the history of Maharajas Express to validate what we are saying:

'Maharajas' Express' which is one of the most expensive and luxurious trains in the world was started to promote deluxe travel in India. It runs over various routes and destinations focussing on Rajasthan but covering almost whole of the country. It started its operations in 2010 (much after Palace of Wheels train started in 1982) and since then has attained the status of exhibiting flawless opulence like Orient Express of the West.

The salons of Maharajas Express were inspired by private salons of Maharajas of yester years and this is the reason why every feature of the train speaks of sheer elegance and grandeur. Speaking more of the inspiration, Royalty of India was greatly interested in having their own railway lines in their princely states.

Some Maharajas like the Maharaja of Vadodara built a toy train in order to pamper his son. Listing even more, Maharaja of Jodhpur laid a small railway line in his state using contribution from his state's exchequer and some other like Maharaja of Gwalior installed a silver model train on his feasting table to serve the guests with liquors and cigars.

Maharajas of India embarked on their honeymoon, hunting trips and state tours in their personal railways and for this the trains were lavishly done in tasteful interiors covering carvings, inlays, tapestries etc.

Keeping all of this in mind, the interiors of Maharajas Express have also been done in the same manner. Contemporary modern amenities in the coaches have been blended with exquisite interior decoration. All the services of the train have also been kept at par with best-in-class five star hotels like chauffer driven car with guide, world class wine & dine experience etc. Result is that Maharajas Express leaves no stone unturned to offer an epicurean treatment to its guests.

So come and have a taste of luxury in grand and regal form with Maharajas Express and proudly set tripping goals for your peers in style!

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