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Maharajas' Express Train History

Ever since the pioneer of luxury train travel in India – Maharajas Express made its maiden journey back in the 1990s, luxury trains in India have gained improvements on services, facilities they offer onboard, etc. One of the finest luxury trains in India – Maharaja Express Train has now become the most preferred luxury train to explore the rich culture and history of incredible India.

The Maharajas Express made its fascinating maiden voyage called ‘Gems of India’ on October 17, 2012. The 3 N/ 4 D journey touring the ‘Golden Triangle’ covering Delhi, Agra, & Jaipur began at New Delhi’s Safdarjung Railway Station. Thereafter, the finest luxury train expanded its luxury voyages to more splendid tours including 7 N/ 8 D itineraries. These include - The Indian Panorama, The Indian Splendour & The Heritage of India.

Ever since, with advancements in technology, the Maharajas Express constantly keeps updated with latest technological advancements. The train offers facilities like Wi-Fi, intercom, flat screen plasma TVs, etc. The luxury train draws parallels to the ‘Orient Express of the West’ in terms of interesting skill & expertise. The train undergoes improvements from time to time in order to keep up with modern facilities. However, there is one thing has always been constant throughout – the Royal Hospitality & Grandeur of the Maharajas Express.

Even before the railway networks took off in India, the Maharajahs of ancient India were highly impressed by trains and tracks. So much was their fascination for these long snake -like rolling creatures that this following story would explain. The Maharajah of Gwalior took pride in showing off his model train, a silver make that would chug along while dignitaries dined at the banquet hall. When the Maharajah of Vadodara was a young kid, he was gifted a toy train that functioned on par with a real train.

Many kings made private tracks through narrow lanes for their very personal but fully – functional toy – trains. One king also got a special jeweled throne constructed in his personal carriage. The royal cabins of the Maharajas Express are made to resemble the private carriages that used to carry the Rajahs of old times. The interiors reflect their royalty with the bejeweled intricate tapestries & mirrored work wall hangings, sylvan inlays & portraits of Kings of those times. Every corner of the Maharajas Express oozes premium grandeur & refinement.

The luxury, modern amenities, kingly hospitality & eco - friendly technologies of the Maharajas Express is done with meticulous thought. Guests can experience each of these points and royal ambiance onboard the Maharajas Express in any one of the seven itineraries of the Maharajas Express Train. The tour destinations and sightseeing locations are equally outstanding as each destination explores the true colors of India. Touring UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cultural sightseeing tours, wildlife safaris and world -renowned national parks, the journeys showcase the ancient spirituality of India as well as its rich culture &heritage.

So come and have a taste of luxury in grand and regal form with Maharajas Express and proudly set tripping goals for your peers in style!