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Maharajas Express Restaurant

The luxury train has dedicated two cars exclusively for dining purposes. There are two theme restaurants, which provide an interesting environment and easy access to the panoramic view as you dine.

The first restaurant is called Mayur Mahal. The name can be translated as peacock palace. As the name indicates, the restaurant has a golden peacock masterpiece that welcomes you into the restaurant. The second restaurant is called Rang Mahal, which means 'Palace of Colors'. The restaurant matches the name with the fresco painting on the ceiling and other colorful decorations.

Both the restaurants can accommodate 42 people per time. Since the train can accommodate 88 passengers during a trip, you will never run out of space while dining. Both the restaurants have similar seating arrangements. The chairs are arranged in twos or fours on the sides of the panoramic window. This allows waiters to have a large space to move around and the tourists can enjoy the scenery as they dine. The menu and style of cooking are the same in both the restaurants. The chefs present specialty dishes every now and then. There are International dishes and Indian cuisine in the restaurant. If you want a less spicy version of the dish, you can request for the same. You can also choose a wine from the collection to have a wholesome meal.

Although the restaurants are located on two opposite ends of the train, it does not restrict you from using any restaurant you please. You can dine in Mayur Mahal for a day and Rang Mahal for another. All on-board meals take place in these two restaurants. At every destination, new and fresh ingredients are stocked into the train to provide the specialty of the land. You can enjoy a fine dining experience inside a moving train only with Maharajas Express.