Six Classic Luxury Trains To Experience In Asia

If you are looking for an option to enjoy Asia with luxury, the best option is the luxury trains. With signature itineraries and exclusive routes, these trains take you through numerous destinations highlighting the beauty of the land.

Inside the train, you would be provided with all royal amenities and services that are practically possible inside a moving train from sublime decor cabins to fully functioning restaurants.

Are you confused in choosing a luxury train for your next vacation? Here are the top six classic luxury trains to experience in Asia.

1. Eastern and Oriental Express

This train runs from Singapore to Bangkok through Kuala Lumpur. The train has a signature itinerary that stretches for three days and two nights. The train is specifically driven to opulent scenic spots to enjoy an expansive view from the panoramic windows of the train. The train holds chief amenities and attractions inside the train. Every evening, the train turns into a lively club with entertainment performances and other party elements.

Eastern and Oriental Express Luxury Train, Kuala Lumpur

Eastern and Oriental Express Luxury Train, Kuala Lumpur

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2. Seven Stars

If you are planning to enjoy Japan in a luxurious way, this seven-carriage long sleeper train is the best option. The train is rather small and can accommodate only 30 people. The décor of the train is designed to express the art, culture and workmanship of the country. The walls are made with maple and rosewood. The décor is dominated with glass etches and paper screen, which provide authentic Japanese essence and you would enjoy the traditional Japanese culture throughout the journey.

Seven Stars Train, Japan

Seven Stars Train, Japan

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3. Maharajas’ Express

Running with different itineraries in numerous states of India, this train is famous for its collection of itineraries, which are unique from each other. There are itineraries that focuses on cultural, traditional and historic importance of the destinations and the ones that focuses more on adventure activities, natural attractions and so on. Starting from laundry services to lounge room, the train holds numerous amenities and services inside the train that suit even the king.

Maharajas Express Luxury Train in India

Maharajas Express Luxury Train in India

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4. Golden Eagle Shangri

Running between Tibet and China, this train aims that covering the wilderness beauty of China and the culture of Tibet. It covers many ancient cities that express the culture and tradition of the land. You can find numerous heritage sites and monuments in the itineraries. The route of the train is also handpicked to keep it unique. The train passes through many scenic spots including the Tangula Pass, the highest railway track in the world.

Golden Eagle Shangri

Golden Eagle Shangri

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5. Royal Express Japan

The Royal Express’ itinerary is inked to portrait the culture of the land. Within the train, the tourists will be exposed to live traditional music, Japanese performance arts, authentic cuisine of the land and much more. This is one of the very few luxury trains, which provide family-friend train amenities like ball pond, library for children and so on. This blue train is famous for its cultural décor too. The train has chosen numerous attractions and sightseeing spots that explain the essence of the land to the tourists as they are pampered inside a luxury cabin, with a décor that brings ancient Japan to live.

The Royal Express Train, Japan

The Royal Express Train, Japan

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6. Palace on Wheels

The pioneer of luxury trains in India, Palace on Wheels has managed to provide its signature itinerary with cabins that are exact replica of the saloons use by yesteryear royal heirs and British rulers. The train runs in a signature route that covers every element of tourism starting from wildlife to culture of the land. The train focuses more on the exotic lands of Rajasthan and includes many heritage sites including the Taj Mahal, one of the World Wonders. Inside the train, tourists are provided with an array of amenities and services to match a seven-star hotel styled accommodation.

Palace on Wheels Luxury Trains

Palace on Wheels Luxury Trains

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Apart from these, there are numerous other luxury trains, which scale different parts of the continent. Not all trains will run throughout the year. Check the availability of the train and learn the itineraries in detail before you plan booking tickets for your vacation.

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