Tips For Traveling With Kids Over Christmas In Maharajas Express Train 2018

Christmas season is in full swing now. There is a lot that goes into preparation – the exciting shopping trips, preparing Xmas cakes and goodies, gift wrapping, and visiting each other. It is the most exciting time for kids as they look forward to this time of the year to get gifts from Santa. They spend time thinking of what gifts to list down for Santa this Christmas. Parents are busy checking out the best places to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas comes only once in a year. It is an amazing time to spend Christmas holidays with family and kids. The Maharajas Express Train is a unique way to celebrate this holiday season. You will find a differently decorated train and Santa comes down to wish each one special Christmas greetings on this Maharajas’ Express Luxury Journey.

However, taking kids along at times is hectic as it involves more planning, keeping check on your kids, etc.

Here are Simple Tips For Traveling With Kids Over Christmas in Maharajas Express Train.

1.  A Thorough Preparation

Packing takes lot of time as you need to organize and re-organize stuff to keep it minimal. Remember which baggage is for what / whom. List down the things you will need on the travel trip. List the items you will be taking along so you do not have to remember it each time. Several facilities are supplied on-board the luxury train so you can keep your package minimal.

Check out “Maharaja Express Train-Facilities”.

Rajah Club & Safari Bar

Rajah Club & Safari Bar

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2. Give Kids an Idea

Maybe the kids are getting a holiday surprise trip but letting them know earlier will help them think ahead. While packing too, do not leave out their favorite soft-toy. If this is the first time the kids will be on a holiday trip overseas, give them an idea about it – meeting new people, sightseeing in the country, about the airport security checks, etc. so it will not scare them.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas Gifts for Kids

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3. Enlighten Kids’ Creativity

The Maharaja Express Train offers a panoramic view of the passing landscape. This is an amazing time for them to enliven their creativity. They may want to draw the scene, view it through their smartphone cam, etc. There are board games to play and unwind with your / their favorite book in the Lounge.

Panoramic View - Maharajas' Express Train

Panoramic View – Maharajas’ Express Train

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4. Embrace Local Celebrations

You would be in a new country with traditions you never saw / heard before. It helps to do your research about where you are visiting – knowing the monuments you’ll be seeing, the Maharaja Express Train Price and all. It would be exciting to know how the people here celebrate Christmas with a traditional blend. Look out for Santa’s and colorful stars hanging in residences / businesses.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration

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5. Tell Kids about Meeting Santa Onboard the Maharaja Express Train

While looking forward to an exciting year end Christmas holidays celebrations, kids usually will think about how Santa will find them. So let them know that they can meet up with Santa there on the Luxury Journey.

Christmas Celebration in Maharajas Express

Christmas Celebration in Maharajas Express

Have a cheerful Christmas celebration! Advance Merry Christmas Greetings!

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