The Beauty of Annual Mewar Festival – Udaipur

India is known for its exotic and colorful festivals. Rajasthan’s culture is one of the most colorful and exotic ones in India. If you love to enjoy Indian festivals, the Mewar festival is the best time to visit Udaipur. Udaipur’s Annual Mewar festival is an important celebration that is linked with the culture and heritage of the land.

Mewar festival is the world’s 2nd living heritage celebration. This celebration includes all parts of the culture from music to cuisine. Gangaur festival is celebrated along with Mewar festival. Although celebrated for two different reasons, these two festivals have linked itself as one, over the period. While Gangaur festival is celebrated by Hindus, the annual Mewar festival is celebrated by all religions and creed.

Mewar Festival, Udaipur

Mewar Festival, Udaipur

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When to Celebrate Mewar Festival?

Mewar festival takes place for three days. In 2018, the festival starts on 18th of March and ends on 20th of March. The festival is celebrated according to the lunar calendar and thus, the exact date of this festival changes every year. Do not confuse it with Marwar festival of Jodhpur that takes place in October. Mewar festival takes place at the beginning of spring season.

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Significance of the Mewar Festival

The festival is a welcome celebration of the pleasing spring festival. This festival also protects the ancient customs and arts from degrading over time. Locals consider this festival as a celebration of their health and happiness.

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The festival has been a part of the Rajasthan calendar since the time of Maharana Udai Singh. A holy sage met the king while he was on a hunting trip. The sage advised the king to build a palace on Lake Pichola. With the palace, the city of Udaipur came into existence. This celebration remembers the foundation of the city.

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Traditions and Customs of Mewar Festival

Besides focusing on the cultural arts, this festival also welcomes fusion celebration, which includes traditional values and modern versions. Professional chefs are invited to create a colorful presentation of food called as Food Rangoli. Art oriented seminars are conducted by professional artists and art enthusiasts.

You can find artists from different parts of the state visiting Udaipur to showcase their talents in arts, dance, music, musical instruments and others. Women participate in religious rituals wearing ethnic outfit. Along with Mewar festival, people also celebrate Gangaur festival which includes worshiping idols of Lord Shiva (Hindu God) and Gangaur (Lord Parvathi, his consort), offering food to the idols and religious music and dance performances. Processions of the idol carried by women starts from different parts of the cities and ends at Pichola Lake’s Gangaur Ghat. They place the idols on small boat and take it to the center of the lake to immerse it, deep into the water.

Gangaur Festival, Udaipur

Gangaur Festival, Udaipur

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Every part of the city hosts its own set of celebrations, which primarily include dance, music, performance art, instrumental performance, rituals and food. The local markets will be filled with many interesting souvenirs. Art enthusiasts fill the market with their unique masterpieces to display their ability. Mewar festival ends with fireworks at night.

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Top Elements of This Festival

  1. Enjoying the traditional attire and jewelry of Rajasthani culture.
  2. Special rituals including immersing of idols in Lake Pichola.
  3. Fireworks at night.
  4. Cultural performances like dance, art, music, instrument and others.
  5. Shopping for handicrafts, art works and others.
  6. Enjoying cuisine of the land.
Mewar Festival Celebration

Mewar Festival Celebration

Tourists are welcome to be a part of the celebrations. People of all religion and creed are allowed to take part in the procession, rituals and other celebrations throughout the festival. This makes Mewar festival, the best time to visit Rajasthan. To witness Mewar Festival, there are several ways to reach Rajasthan. One of the best option is Luxury Train of Maharaja Express that makes you feel like royals with its royal services and pleasant journey.

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