10 Unique Destinations to Enjoy With Maharajas’ Express

The destinations covered by Maharajas’ Express are handpicked to create a unique itinerary and a few classic cliché destinations. We are going to talk about ten unique destinations that are a part of Maharajas’ Express’ different itineraries.

This article lights unique destinations that are rarely focused by the luxury trains of the country.

1. Bikaner

This historic place is not just about camels. This Rajasthani desert city is famous for its forts, temples, places, rich cuisines, shopping and others. This land’s iconic celebration is the camel fair. If you are not able to visit during the camel fair, you can always make up to it via camel safari, sightseeing and others. The culture of the land can be enjoyed with folk dance and music celebration. Apart from these, Bikaner is also famous for wildlife attractions. The ancient hunting grounds have become Gajner Wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary is located on the outskirts of Bikaner and is an important tourist destination for camel safari sightseeing, jeep safari, nature walk and other attractions.

Camel Safari Bikaner

Camel Safari Bikaner

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2. Orchha

Unique to Maharajas’ Express, Orchha is an offbeat destination, which attracts tourists with architectural beauty and art forms. Apart from the famous mural paintings, this town is also beautified with temples, buildings, forts and others. Located on the banks of Betwa River, this town still holds the historic look. The name Orchha itself means hidden town. Although the city is filled with numerous destination, this off-beaten destination is always serene, quiet and interesting. You need not worry about crowd, hustle and queue when you are at Orchha.

Orchha Palace

Orchha Palace

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3. Khajuraho

This is an iconic attraction in the country that is covered by Maharajas’ Express. This destination is famous for Khajuraho group of monuments. This collection of temples is not just famous for architectural beauty. This monuments collection is also famous for sculptures of erotic genre and art forms like dance and music. If you visit during festival, Khajuraho celebrates the annual dance festival, which attracts tourists and dancers from around the country.

Khajuraho Temple

Khajuraho Temple

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4. Varanasi

Varanasi is a pilgrimage destination that is world-famous as one of the ancient cities that is still inhabited. The place is dotted with numerous temples and monuments of Hinduism. Beyond these architectural beauties, the Holy River of Hinduism, Ganges run through the city. You can spot many interesting rituals and other activities. Maharajas’ Express takes you on a boat ride during sunset on River Ganges to watch the iconic Ganga Arti. A little away from Varanasi, Sarnath, a Buddhist pilgrimage site is also covered under this destination.

Boat Ride in Varanasi

Boat Ride in Varanasi

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5. Lucknow

Lucknow is not a popular destination with many luxury trains, this city is covered by Maharajas’ Express for its unique culture, tradition, architectural beauty and lavishing cuisine. This place is worth a visit for those who love epitome culture. Maharajas’ Express highlights the cuisine of the land by providing iconic dishes of the land during the visit like kebab, Nawabi biriyani and others. Classic music and folk art of this land in addition to top sightseeing spots make Lucknow, a refreshing destination to visit.

Lucknow City

Lucknow City

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6. Gwalior

This is a historic land famous for bravery in culture and architecture. This planned city is placed in a strategic location making it invincible to enemies in the past. The place is dotted with forts, palaces and other architectural beauties that add more vibrant to this city. It is a pure sightseeing beauty and you ought to enjoy the culture of the land too.

Gwalior Fort

Gwalior Fort

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7. Balasinor

There is a reason to why Maharajas’ Express chose to add this small town of Balasinor. This city adds an intrinsic value to those travelling with young and adolescent children. This is India’s Jurassic Park. Apart from other cliché tourist attractions and activities, this city holds the largest fossil park in the world, which includes fossils of dinosaurs. Balasinor trip also includes a royal dinner with the blue-blood family of the city. To enjoy the culture, you ought to take a village tour in Balasinor.



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8. Chettinad

Although not a cliché destination, this unique place is the sediment of South Indian culture of the country. Chettinad cuisine is an important signature of Indian cuisine. If you are a meat-lover, you ought to taste the cuisine of this land, which is quite different from other parts of Tamil Nadu. Apart from cuisine, the land has managed to hold on to the culture of the ancestors in architecture and traditional activities. Tourists can take part in ethnic activities like saree draping, henna art and others.



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9. Mahabalipuram

A very famous tourist attraction and heritage site that attracts thousands of international tourists every year is Mahabalipuram. Located close to Chennai, this heritage site was once a lively port of this region. The kings of different reign decorated this port with numerous rock cut temples, cave sculptures, statues and bass reliefs for merchants to watch and relish as they enter the land for trade. Today, it remains as the symbol of ancient architecture and beauty of Southern India. Apart from these, the shore guarantees beach activities and water activities.

Tiger Caves Mahabalipuram

Tiger Caves Mahabalipuram

10. Fatehpur Sikri

This heritage site is usually overlooked due to its proximity to Agra, the land of Taj Mahal. Fatehpur Sikri is a ghost town that was once the capital of Mughal reign and was abandoned rapidly after the only main source of fresh water vanished. Today, this abandoned town holds numerous palaces, buildings, havelis, monuments, religious spots and much more. This is an exciting spot for sightseeing and exploration.

Fatehpur Sikri with Maharajas' Express

Fatehpur Sikri with Maharajas’ Express

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These are just the ten unique places that are covered by Maharajas’ Express. Apart from these, train covers numerous destination in Five different itineraries. Not all destinations will be covered in every single itinerary. Go through the detailed itinerary from the site to learn about the list of destinations covered in each journey. Choose the one that suits your taste and requirements.

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