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Balasinor Overview

Balasinor is an ancient town, which was ruled by Nawabs in the past. This town is blessed with ancient monuments, which stand as an architectural wonder for the tourists. Apart from this, town is famous for its cultural event. If you are visiting during any festival, the town will be in colorful disguise with traditional dance, folk music and much more.

Best Time to Visit Balasinor

Summer in Balasinor is very humid and dehydrating. The temperature can go as high as 44 degree C. Tourists are very rarely seen in this season. Summer starts in March and ends by May. Monsoon starts in July and ends in September. The season brings lot of showers, which add aesthetic beauty to the place. The climate will be pleasing with cool breeze. Humidity will be slightly higher but, good time for sightseeing.

The best time to visit is winter season, which starts in October and ends by March. This is the season of numerous festivals, cultural events and others. The climate will also be pleasing. The temperature can go as low as 12 degree C.

What to See / Major Attractions of Balasinor

There is a reason to why such a small town is a part of many exclusive itineraries including luxury train itineraries like that of Maharajas Express and others.

Top attractions to enjoy in Balasinor are

  • Balasinor fossil park
  • Garden palace
  • Ambaji temple
  • Wanakbori dam
  • Champaner village filled with temples and heritage sites like palaces and forts
  • Galteshwar temple
  • Timba Tuva
  • Some of these interesting destinations might be little away from the main city. But, these destinations are exotic and are closely linked with ancient mythologies of the land.

How to Reach Balasinor?

Balasinor is a small town. The nearest airport is in Vadodara, which is 80 km away from the city. The nearest international airport is in Mumbai. The nearest busiest domestic airport to Balasinor is in Ahmedabad, which is 107 km away from Balasinor. There are frequent flight to Ahmedabad from various parts of the country. From Ahmedabad or Vadodara, you can find cabs to reach Balasinor.

You can find local buses from surrounding cities to Balasinor. Balasinor is not connected with other faraway places with frequent buses. You can easily find buses to Ahmedabad from many cities in the country. Such a remote area is served by luxury trains like Maharajas Express. The nearest railway station is in Anand. Anand is 63 km away from Balasinor. You can find many trains from other important cities to Anand regularly. The other nearby stations to Balasinor are in Madossa which is 56 km away and Kapadwanj which is 27 km away from Balasinor. You can find private cabs from surrounding cities to reach Balasinor.