Top 12 Things That You Should Not Miss in Goa

Goa is not among those places that you have a visit once and then cross it off from your list. After your first visit it turns out to become an urge and after the second it turns out to be a tradition. The destination offers the travellers with a gigantic array of things to travellers who could experience and discover things in goa. But first let me make it clear that goa is never known for late night parties, thrilling water sports or say thee spectacular beaches. Goa is something that is more than this. It is a small piece of paradise that offers something more than this.

But the question here is where do we begin from? And as it’s a little difficult to do things on our list in goa we have tried and enclosed most of them through our blog. And we will suggest you that you leave your soul free and travel like a free bird as this is a destination that will make you explore more and more during every visit that you make. Given below are the list of the best few things that you should not miss while being in goa, as this is a place that leads you with a different kind of experiences.

1. Beauty and the Beach

Goa is a place that has to begin with the beaches. While the beaches in the North goa are considered to be limelight, south goa beaches are less crowded. You can visit the Arossim beach and the Utorda beach that is located near the town called Majorda for the best south goa beach award. And when it comes to North Goa it is the Baga, Calangute, and the Anjuna Beach that has been the choice of all the travellers till date. The water sports that are available on these beaches are jet skiing, scuba diving, and the banana boat.

Banana Boat Ride, Goa

2. Going Snorkeling

Though this is something that is slightly unknown to many people who are travelling to goa, goa has turned to be one of the best place for popular sports emerging underwater. The Grand Island is one of the best option for this kind of a sport.

Snorkeling in Goa

3. The Spicy Sights

It is not what you are thinking. I m actually talking about visiting the spicy plantation and then you will have your nostrils that will remind you of why the Europeans came to India. This biggest farm in Goa allows you to pluck spices like pepper, periperi and bathe through an elephant shower. Though not many of them actually visit in Goa, and those who actually do praise them no less than the beaches.

Spice Plantation Goa

4. The Dolphin Drive

Dolphins are always considered to be a better sight of reality when compared to the animal planet. A dolphin cruise in Goa is not just exciting for the old but even for the young alike. Having the dolphins pepping out from the sea is the best savored not just to the eye but even to the camera. The dolphin trip is a daylong tour of the Grand Island and ideal place for the picnic.

Dophin Cruise in Goa

5. Mums Kitchen

People who visit Goa definitely love the food of Mums kitchen. This is a restaurant that is located in panjim offering the Portuguese and the Goan cuisine just like a finger licking blend. One of the best thing about mums kitchen here is that it offers a variety of healthy vegetarian dishes in the menu. And after the scrumptious meal you can head to the downtown area in order to pick up some cashews and footwear, enjoying the best sleep in one of the hotels of Panjim.

Mum's Kitchen Goa

6. St. Anthony Beach Shack

 This is at the beginning of Baga Beach. And once you have the sun setting behind the sea this place turns out to be liverier in just a few minutes. While you visit the place you can picture it the candle lamps, the beach chairs by water followed by the karaoke performances happening in the background. Another thing that turns out to be the best here is the flavored hookah that turns out to get stronger with vodka inside it.

St. Anthony Beach Shack, Goa

7. Going On An Exhilarating Crab Catching Trip

Yes crab catching is not a child game. And I am sure that you don’t wish to get your hands dirty. And if you are scared a little of getting a snap then forget it this is really not your cup of tea. With the home made nets that are called kobblem you actually set up traps for the crabs and then catch them in the goan backwaters in the sea side. There are many crab catching tours that actually take place in goa and all that you will need to do here is make a local friend in one of the villages and tag them for some fun that they could have during this adventure.

Crab Catching Tour, Goa

8. Going On A Mandovi River Sunset Cruise

The goa tourism department do run different kinds of river cruises in the Mandovi River during the day and night. And if you wish to take a ride in the cruise then there are two kinds that are available. One from the Panaji Jetty down the Mandovi taking you to the Zuari Bay and the second one is Mandovi to Aldona to the mineral water spring. So which one would you like to go in?

Mandovi Cruise, Goa

9. Booking A Quad Biking And Just Going

Before you begin with the ride it is important that you map and look out for some of the muddy track roads in goa. Doing this will help you enjoy the sports thoroughly giving you a different kind of an experience in goa. So when in goa make sure that you do not miss doing his activity for sure.

Quad Biking in Goa

10. Entering Into The Wildlife

Yes goa does have something apart from the nightlife. The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mollem National Park do have animals like panther, sloth bear, mouse deer and more. There are more than 200 Species of birds in these followed by a woodpecker. These are places that can be visited from morning 8.30 to 5.30 on all the days.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa

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11. Walking Through The Dark Passages Of The Goan Caves

Very few travellers know that there are surreal caves in goa and they do have some historic and natural importance. In fact it is also believed that some of these caves are manmade, and the best ones that you could actually visit are The Arvalem caves, The Lamgau Caves, and yes the last but not the least The Rivona Caves. So the next time you visit goa do not forget about the caves.

Arvalem Caves goa

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12. Kayaking in the Goan Backwaters

There is nothing that could beat the rowing across the charming weeks and crossing the villages of northern goa. So try and enjoy nature at its best and carve out for some beautiful memories. Do not miss visiting this place when in goa.

Kayaking in Goa

13. Fishing At Benaulim Beach In Goa

When it comes to fishing the Benaulim Beach in goa is the right place for you. Infact this is a place that is still unknown by many travellers who are travelling to goa. And according to a legend Benaulim is a place where Lord Parashuram arrow had landed up, which then led to the foundation of Goa.

13. Visiting The Butterfly Conservatory

On the way back of the lush and spicy plantations in goa don’t forget to have a look at the butterfly conservatory. You will get to see the most happiest and colourful fluttering thing around over here. You just don’t have to stand over here and watch them out. You can also come forward and feed those beautiful creatures with some juicy kind of fruits and watch them cheerfully getting nectar.

Butterfly Conservatory in Goa

The above mentioned were some of the places or say the things to do for you in goa. It is these offbeat places that will tell you what the real travellers are and what are they actually experiencing in a city like goa. So what other things would you like to add to the blog post above. Which are the ones that have been covered up by you? Please do share your experiences. We would love to hear them from you.

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