Top 10 Things To Do In Jaisalmer

To the farthest west corner of the country lays the city of golden sand. Jaisalmer is the desert region of the country famous for its majestic forts, desert, hill, dunes and much more. This harsh environment has not frightened the tourism population visiting the city.

On the other hand, the city has managed to get more attention from numerous types of tourists including top luxury trains like Maharajas’ Express and others. The main reason for this popularity is the uniqueness that Jaisalmer can bring to the table and also the interesting activities and amenities that are iconic to the land. Here are the top 10 things to do in Jaisalmer during your visit.

1. Sightseeing

What is there to see in the land of desert? Well, the city has been a strategic location for the kings. The Jaisalmer fort covered the entire city within its walls in the ancient times. You can find Jain temples, havelis, ancient cemetery, olden houses, shopping centers and much more. No matter which package you choose including top luxury trains like Maharajas’ Express, city sightseeing trip is an important activity. Camels and deserts are not the only elements in the city.

Jaisalmer Fort

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2. Sand Dunes Camping And Safari

The sand dunes of Jaisalmer are famous for camel safari. You can either choose to ride on the camel back for a few hours or, get to a camp site, enjoy an evening in the middle of the desert with cultural programs, luxury tent stay, barbeque dinner, moonlight romantic dinner in the middle of the desert, desert adventure activities and much more. No matter when you choose to visit Jaisalmer, sand dunes are interesting. However, climatic conditions dictate you to choose winter over any other climate.

Barbecues in Sand Dunes, Rajasthan

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3. Lake

It is interesting to learn that the city with the largest desert region of the country holds lakes. It is a man-made lake which was built in the past to quench the water requirement of the inmates. Today, you can experience the lake as an important tourist attraction. You can find many street vendors selling delicacies, ancient structures and much more. Enjoying sunset from the lake is an important activity to enjoy. The lake also provides boating services during winter season.

Jaisalmer Lake Boating

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4. Dune Bashing

Not just Middle East, India is also an important destination for dune bashing. The sand dunes are the best spots for dune bashing. Some service providers combine this activity with camping or safari. It is up to you to choose how long you are willing to enjoy the activity. Usually, this activity is available during winter season.

Dune Bashing Jaisalmer

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5. Parasailing

Parasailing and paragliding are very common in the desert. In parasailing, your parachute will be tied to a jeep, which dashes through the desert, to make you fly in the sky. For Paragliding, you would be taken to any launch site, based on the type of service provider, you choose. There are numerous runways in Jaisalmer for professional parasailing. Another similar activity is paramotoring.

Parasailing in Jaisalmer

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6. Visit The Borderline

The desert borders India and Pakistan. People visit Tanot Mata Mandir and the India-Pakistan border as a part of a patriotic visit. You need to get documentations, approval from Indian military and NOC from local authority to get closer to the bordering fence. You can reach up to the temple, without any legal permission.

Tanot Mata Temple

The temple hosts the deity of a local Goddess, Hinglaz. Built in 847 AD, this temple has been constantly in threat during Indo-Pakistan war. Pakistan tried to destroy the temple by detonating bombs. However, the shells that fell into the temple were never detonated. You can even find those bombs in the museum of the temple.

Tanot Mata Temple Museum


7. Archeological Sightseeing

Located in Khaba, the Khaba fort is an important historic structure. This 13th century fort was an important destination in the past. In 19th century, the inmates fled the region, for unknown reason and abandoned the fort. Today, it is an important archeological site. You can find many relics inside the fort and within the borders.

Khaba Fort, Jaisalmer

8. Haunted Visit

Do you believe in ghosts? Kuldhara Village, located a little away from Jaisalmer is an important spot for thrilling exploration. This village is assumed to be haunted. The village is almost in ruins as the inmates left the village, a century ago. Even today, people have many anecdotes about how they encountered paranormal activities and feelings, while visiting the village after sunset. The village has three incinerating grounds.

Kuldhara Village

9. Wildlife Attraction

The desert national park is famous for its list of wildlife and bird species like chinkara, desert cat, hare, Indian fox, great Indian bustard and others. A safari though this park is an important activity for those who love photography and wildlife activities.

Desert National Park

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10. Fossil Visit

The Akal Wood Fossil Park is a unique attraction in this region. The park holds numerous ancient fossils. The climatic condition of the region helps to preserve these fossils. You can find numerous rocks with interesting information, pre-historic seashells and others. There are fossils, which are more than 200 years old.

Akal Wood Fossil Park

Jaisalmer is filled with numerous rarities, ancient beauty and the natural hue of desert and arid vegetation. Nothing can bring fascination into your vacation like a unique place. The desert region adds more beauty and provides numerous activities to enjoy. If you are looking for a special vacation, you ought to choose sites, which are at prime beauty during the season of your visit. Do not forget to miss the culture and cuisine of the land.

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