Best Places for Camel Safari in India

Among the interesting things to try in India, camel safari is a unique and an important activity. Do you know that there are only a very few tropical places where you can enjoy this activity?

Camel, the desert ship, takes you through local streets, hotspots, typical deserts, camps and many places based on the destination, you are planning to take up the safari.

In India, Rajasthan is not the only place where you can enjoy camel safari. This article talks in detail about each destination, which focuses on this attraction.

1. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Camel Safari

Jaisalmer Camel Safari

This is the heart of camel safari in India. Jaisalmer’s cobbled streets are best scaled on the top of a camel. However, the best part to enjoy a ride on camel is the Sam sand dunes. You can either settle for a few hours of camel ride into the desert and back to the town or, visit the luxury camps. To reach the camp in the middle of the sand dunes, you ought to travel on a camel, enjoy a cultural night at the camp, visit nearby villages on the camel back, enjoy adventure activities in the desert and return to the town. It is an iconic attraction of Rajasthan and is incorporated in many luxury trains routes like Palace on Wheels, Maharaja Express and others too. Although an important tourist destination for camel safari, Sam sand dunes is not the only destination for desert safari. Due to the increasing crowd at the Sam sand dunes, people are shifting to other smaller dunes for a secluded feel. You can also visit certain villages, temples and other settlement regions on a camel.

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Location – Rajasthan

Style of destination – Desert

Top spots for safari – Sam sand dunes and village settlements

Type of camel – Arabian camels

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2. Bikaner

Camel Safari Bikaner

Camel Safari Bikaner

Best way to scale Bikaner is on the top of these creatures. You can scale the muddy roads of the city to reach different destinations on top of a camel. Some take a long safari to the southern villages to enjoy a cultural time, visit local markets to enjoy souvenir shopping and much more. Exploring the land on camel is the most authentic way of transportation, which was used by the royals, too.

Location – Rajasthan

Style of Destination – Desert

Top Spots for Safari – Main city of Bikaner, southern villages, small towns and settlement areas

Type of Camel – Arabian camels

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3. Mandawa

Mandawa Camel Safari

Mandawa Camel Safari

It is a stereotypical understanding that camels can be spotted only in the western desert regions of India. India holds camels in the central parts of the country, like regions near Delhi. One such town is Mandawa. It is an ancient region, located a few hours away from Delhi. The land is filled with ancient houses, havelis, monuments and others. Apart from historic sightseeing, this place is famous for its camel safari. Tourists enjoy a ride on the decorated camel to explore the attractions within the city. It is one of the most preferred ways to scale the region.

Location – Near Delhi

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Style Of Destination – Ancient Town

Top Spots For Safari – Around The City

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4. Pushkar

Pushkar Camel Safari

Pushkar Camel Safari

Pushkar is the camel capital of India. The Pushkar fair, which takes place in November, is the peak of camel entertainment in India. During the fair, people can enjoy many camel based activities like camel racing, camel beauty contest, camel trading and many others. During the camel fair, you can find many camels to enjoy safari along the banks of the river. If you visit during off-season, you might fight a few service providers to enjoy a short camel safari through the city.

Location – Rajasthan

Style Of Destination – Riverbank

Top Spots For Safari – Pushkar Banks

Type Of Camel – Numerous Types Of Camels

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5. Jodhpur

Jodhpur Camel Safari

Jodhpur Camel Safari

Jodhpur’s access to Thar Desert makes it an important destination for camel safari. The most commonly opted safari in Jodhpur lasts for one-to-two hours in the Thar Desert around the time of sunset. It includes visit to Osian, temples and other attractions in and around the Thar Desert.

Location – Rajasthan

Style Of Destination – Desert Town

Top Spots For Safari – Thar Desert

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6. Ladakh

Ladakh Camel Safari, India

Ladakh Camel Safari, India

Ladakh is the only place to spot a cold desert region in India. The camel safari is available at numerous destinations in Ladakh. However, the best of all is the Nubra Valley, where you get to ride through a vast region of white cold desert on the back of the brown camel. The trip can last between a few hours to a few days. Camping sites might be erected by the tour guide at specific locations to rest, during long trips. The camels at Ladakh are little shorter than the ones in Rajasthan and thus, it is easier to climb on and off the camel. Camel safaris are found at many other locations around Ladakh at varying seasons. Choose the destination according to the time of your visit.

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Location – Jammu and Kashmir

Style of Destination – Cold Desert

Top Spots for Safari – Nubra Valley, Diskit sand dunes and settlement areas

Type of Camel – Bactrian Camel (the one with two humps)

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Apart from these, there are numerous places where you can spot camels or enjoy a ride on camel for a few minutes. When it comes to camel safari, these are the only options in the country. Not all the regions will be at prime beauty throughout the year. It is best to visit these destinations during winter, to enjoy a less scorching desert. If you are worried about finding the right service provider and choosing the right destination, it is best to leave it to reputed tour agents like Travelogy India. They have customized packages to enjoy a vacation with camel safaris.

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