Top 10 Luxury Resorts in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the princely state of India that still holds on to rich heritage and regal past with pride. The cities in the state are an eclectic mix of everything that is new with the bones of the old! Forts and palaces dot the towns and temples and manmade lakes further accentuate the royal charm of a state that only had sun and sand dunes in its fate. A visit to Rajasthan isn’t complete if you do not sleep like a king in one of the royal palaces or Havelis that is now open to the public as luxury resorts.

Here are the top 10 luxury resorts in Rajasthan that will leave hypnotized with royal opulence:

1. The Raj Palace, Jaipur

Perfect justice to its name, the Raj Palace in Jaipur is resonant with Jaipur’s royal past. The massive property is 200 years old, yet still stands tall in magnificent grandeur as a majestic architectural splendor in the capital city.

Raj Palace, Jaipur

A walk around their lounges, lobby, lawns and gardens will mesmerize any visitor and force them to extend their stay a little further. Their most expensive suite in the property also has a fond local name to it – the Thakur Ji. Breathe in history and be transformed into the past while still being in the present.

Raj Palace Lounge, Jaipur

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2. Lohagarh Fort Resort, Kukas

This is a unique boutique resort in Jaipur which offers a contemporary twist to the usual recipe of evergreen classic royal décor. They offer private cottages and have private pools attached with some of them. There is also a giant common pool at the property that is magnificent.

Lohagarh Fort Resort Pool

The owner who is a relative of the royal family that owns the Lohagarh Fort in Bharatpur has used his own unique knowledge of stones and gems in designing this resort. The beds are made of natural stones slabs and everything plastic is replaced with quality wood to give that earthy feel. A visit to this resort is a must for those with a love of architecture and design as the place showcase unique use of earth stone and wood.

Lohagarh Fort Resort

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3. Raas Devigarh, Udaipur

Raas Devigarh is probably the most magical place to stay at while touring Rajasthan, there are majestic domes, opulent semi-precious stones and gems on the interior walls, balconies with amazing views and turrets that make for a perfect royal staycation.

Raas Devigarh, Udaipur

The restored palace is the perfect metaphor for the royalty of the infamous city of Udaipur. It is an 18th Century palace that has been renovated after acquisition by the Raas group. Sheesh Mahal Dining Area and the green marble pools, glassed in pavilions with mesmerizing views of the Aravalli range overlooking the hamlet of Dilwara village in the valley is a magical place to spend your holiday days in.

Sheesh Mahal Dining

Sheesh Mahal Dining

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4. The Ranvas, Nagaur

The word Ranvas translates to the residence of the Queen and it was so during its glory days of the 18th century, where 16 queens of the Maharaja Bakhat Singh resided. The resort consists of 10 luxurious Havelis that have been resurrected and transformed into luxury stays with the quintessential Indian hospitality. Numerous fountains, lively fresco paintings, large gardens prepped to be in perfect geometric symmetry and peacocks cooing and roaming in pride almost everywhere makes Ranvas a perfect getaway for the soul to glimpse into the opulent lives of the real-life royals.

The Ranvas, Nagaur

5. Rajputana Desert Camp, Jaisalmer

There is a popular saying when it comes to traveling, the saying goes that before we die or age to be irrelevant to the world, we must visit three natural splendors of the earth – see the oceans, feel the snow and walk on a desert! The third wish can be fulfilled in royal lavishness at the Rajputana Camp in Jaisalmer that does complete justice to its name. Perfect place for those who like a bit of adventure mixed with romance of the desert sky, surrounded by comfort and luxury that is aligned to the surroundings. Here you get camel safaris, jeep rides over the dunes and get to relax under the stars of the desert night sky contemplating life. A trip to Rajasthan would be incomplete without a visit to this camp.

Rajputana Desert Camp

6. Mihir Garh House, Jodhpur

This is fairly new fort built by a Rajput couple who wanted to offer some contemporary hospitality and style with the unique mix Rajasthani royal architecture to their guests. This unique stay is a grand fort cum resort that has been built according to plan in the sacred sand dunes of Mali Nathji Ka Dhora. The dunes are sacred land dedicated to the warrior god of Mewar.

Mihir Garh House

Ochre stoned private baths, open fires overlooking the sun sets over the sand dunes, mirrored chimneys and private verandahs with pools; nothing gets fancier than this while at Rajasthan.

Mihir Garh House1

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7. Samode Palace, Jaipur

Samode is a city adjacent to the royal capital Jaipur, the place is most famous for its unique handloom work that is housed at this very property of Samode Palace. While very few know about this magnificent getaway so close to Jaipur, it is one of the most unique palaces to stay in Rajasthan.

Samode Palace, Jaipur

There is also a museum dedicated to the craft in the property. Guests are dazzled by the lobby space of the palace that has a unique décor of sparkling mirror work all over the walls. Accommodation here is slightly less expensive compared to other palaces of equal grandeur and the place offers much more than accommodation with unique holidaying experiences and a glimpse into the handloom work. This was once the vacation home for the royal court members of the Jaipur royal family.

Samode Palace1

8. Bhanwar Niwas, Bikaner

This is a smaller haveli than a palace that has been transformed into a luxury hotel in the Bhujia land of Bikaner. It is an 80 year old property, which has carved a unique niche in the luxury accommodation sector in Bikaner contending with the big boys of forts and palaces. If you want to experience complete royalty at a great architectural splendor and heritage in every brick of the structure, then a visit to this haveli is a must.

Bhanwar Niwas, Bikaner

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9. Jhadol Safari Resort, Jhadol

Located around 40 to 50 km away from Udaipur, this resort is all about the location. Situated at the banks of the lake and surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Aravalli range this palace offers breath-taking panoramic views. The website about us page entails amazing details of heroism and chivalry which further adds to the charm of the property.

Jhadol Safari Resort

10. Umed Bhawan Palace, Kota

Not to be confused with the infamous Umaid Bhavan in Jodhpur. This is situated in Kota which is located at the southernmost end of the state of Rajasthan. This palace is named after the Maharaja Umed Singh II of Kota who commissioned the British engineer Sir Swinton Jacob, to build the project in 1905.

Umed Bhawan Palace, Kota

Now in the hands of the Welcome Heritage Group, this magnificent palace has been transformed into a luxury resort worth every penny of your stay.

Umed Bhawan Palace1, Kota Rajasthan

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