Amazing Facts About the Maharajas Express Train

Changing high-class train trip since 2010, Maharajas Express is the latest and most magnificent train in India. Providing 5 amazing trips crisscrossing some of the most brilliant locations, significant locations and offering a windows vista of spectacular scenery, lifestyle and lifestyle with which Indian is blessed; Maharajas Express offers trips to the very detail of the spirit of Indian in actual elegance.

Designed to reproduce the beauty and pageantry of the personal carriages of erstwhile Maharajas, the decorations of this high-class train in Indian is suffused with appreciation for the past. Elegance of a past era and state of the art facilities coalesce easily to offer 5 Celebrity living in the charming decorations of the Maharajas Express.

Maharaja Express Luxury Train

Maharaja Express Luxury Train

Below are many amazing facts about this outstanding rail-ride. Start scrolling and get astonished!

• It is made like an elegant Indian Palace

The Maharajas’ Express train is based on the idea of an elegant Indian structure that moves on tires. The train is built with such elegant perfection that its very existence stocks a feeling of royals and ethnic background.

• Solely belonging to IRCTC

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) originally managed the train together with Cox and Kings. The venture, however, was soon split up by the mid of 2011. Therefore, IRCTC became the only operator and owner of the Maharajas’ Express.

• It won three times in a row at the World’s Travel Award

We have heard hattrick in cricket but in awards? Yes, the Maharajas’ Express has obtained a hattrick by getting the headline of the The World’s Leading Luxury Train at the World’s Travel Award. It has the award this year, 2013 and 2014, repeatedly.

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• Has all contemporary facilities incorporated into the ride

From basic facilities to contemporary wonderful luxuries, there isn’t any aspect in which the train does not have in quality. Collections, memorabilia shops, pleasure seats, bathtub in washrooms are among the several resources of the drive.

• Splendid decorations enhance the train

As we have said before, the decorations of the train features the view of a Royal structure. Even the employees are clothed like elegant servants to add to its royals and upper class.

• Off-train adventures at every location is an additional benefit offering

Travelling for days in the same transportation could be real tedious. The Maharajas’ Express, thus, provides off-train adventures at every location it stops. The opera into the heavy jungles of the country is fascinating and a people’s favorite.

However, the Maharajas Express cost is minimal in comparison to the amount of high-class and class that the travelers are subjected to when traveling.

Come live a Maharaja life now aboard most magnificent train in the globe. Begin a story of experience, beauty and romantic endeavors aboard Maharajas’ Express, which definitely is one of the best possible trip experiences in the world, a journey like never.

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